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Worked out again – Irrational Atheist?

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Unfortunately or otherwise, this atheist is an extremely irrational one who probably gives other atheists an extremely bad name.

It all started from a supper session with A, JM the Funnier, JM the More Thoughtful and of course myself. That fateful supper saw me fall on the overhead bridge so badly that it ended up with me on medical leave from work for three days. But let’s leave that for another time.

During the conversation we had…

A: “Work out, and you’ll won’t be restricted to wearing long sleeves all the time!”
Me: “But can’t anyone keep me company in working out? I hate working out alone!”

JM the More Thoughtful: “You’re not ugly. You’ll look better with more muscles.”
Me: “I’ve never thought of exercise as a form of bulking up my body – it’s usually done for utilitarian purposes!”
JM the Funnier: “[name of girl] only likes people who work out!”
Me: “What the…you actually used this trick to get me to exercise…!”

And so that’s how I’ve started working out at least twice per week, and gone for a long-distance run once per week, on top of my weekly soccer game, ever since the start of the new year – even though I’m quite sure JM the Funnier was pulling my leg. Well, even if she’s pulling my leg, I’ll at least have a slightly fitter physique by the end of it all, come what come may. Wish me luck in keeping this fitness regime up…


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March 2, 2010 at 3:47 pm

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