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In Secondary School – Encounter With An Evangelist

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I consider myself lucky to be in one of the more secular secondary schools than others. In my school, all students were allowed to wear religious objects, on the condition that they could not be displayed. In fact, I never thought about religion, save for some social studies classes, where we studied the main religions of Singapore. I remembered learning about so many different accounts of what happens to people after we die, but I never really got to seriously think about my own religious beliefs.

It was one day in secondary school, during morning assembly, when the principal addressed us. This was unusual, as the principal doesn’t always talk to us on weekday mornings, unless it was something serious. I don’t remember what he said exactly, but this was the gist of it:

“Boys and girls, recently, I have received some complaints from parents, that there have been cases of cult members going around asking you to meet them at a place on weekends. Some of them have been approaching our students right outside our school compounds.

“They usually operate individually, and their tactic is to pretend to make friends with you first, before they ask you to join their cult.

“Please try not to go home alone, don’t accept any invitations from strangers to go to places alone, and always keep lookout for such strangers loitering outside our school compounds.”

It was relatively peaceful after that, and at that time (as it is now) I have always been a loner of sorts, frequently castigated as weird by all my peers, always doing badly in my tests, always getting scolded by my parents for the poor results, and had a serious addiction to computer games, on top of a fetish for reading fictional novels and non-fictional books borrowed from the national library just a short bus ride away from my school.
It was after one of these pilgrimages to the library when I was walking across the bus interchange to wait for my bus back home.

A young man, who looked like he was in his early twenties, was standing in front of me. When he saw me, he immediately walked towards me.

Hi,” he offered.

“Hi,” I replied.

Do you mind if I ask you some questions?” he said.

I looked at the vacant bus parking lots.

“Sure,” I said.

[He could have made some small talk with me, but I have scant memory of that]

Do you have any problems at home?” he said.
“Oh, yes,” I replied.

What are they?
[I mentioned several things which are probably typical of secondary school students: feeling that my parents don’t understand me, getting scolded by teachers, poor results, lack of friends…]

I see. You know, all these troubles are around you.
[He proceeded to show me two diagrams on a piece of paper which looks something like this:
<a href="https://aweirdlittlebird.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/
He also explained that the arrows referred to the troubles I was facing, and he knew of a way to prevent the troubles from getting to me, as represented by the ring blocking the troubles.

Which one do you think you would prefer to be?
The one on the right.

Now, to bring you one step nearer to get your troubles away from you, all you have to do is to read this.
[He produces a slip of paper which began with: “I, ___________ (name), as of today, accept God into my heart and Christ as my saviour…” I read through it silently and did not utter a word. Somehow the words unnerved me.]

Is something wrong?

Would you like me to say these words for you while you recite it in your heart?
No. [I was suddenly frightened. I had a better grasp of English than most of my classmates, but somehow, at that point in time, I was petrified, and was reduced to one-word answers. After a few attempts, he apparently gave up and handed me a small rectangular piece of paper. It was the name of a church, but fortunately or otherwise, I can’t remember which]

If you wish to find out more about how you can shield yourself from all your troubles, please come over here on Saturday morning to find out. You’ll find a lot of people just like you, asking the same questions as you are, and you’ll make a lot more friends as well.
I will if I’m free, thanks.

[Mercifully, my bus arrived. I think I missed like two buses just listening to this guy saying something about finding a cure-all to dispel my troubles.

For the record, I have a habit of losing things – and that scrap of paper was another one of them – being careless, I must have thrown it into the ticket bin or something before I alighted from the bus.]


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March 5, 2010 at 6:01 pm

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  1. I can relate to this – one of the reasons why I quit going to the JE library after a while.


    March 11, 2010 at 6:04 am

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