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Weekly Status Updates for New Year Resolutions

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Okay, I’ve been on a long hiatus…here goes…

Seven resolutions for 2010 – Updated to Eight

1. Hit the gymnasium for at least twice per week – Done every week :-)
2. Do at least one bout of long-distance running (2.4km++) at least once per week – NOT Done every week, due to various commitments :-(
3. Project Juliet – Done :-)
4. Watch at least five of my friends in performances. (Total count as of today in 2010: JM, Older C-ster, Alt)
5. Stay in my new job in Jurong – Still succeeding
6. Complete at least two screenplays (First one has undergone translation, still editing into first draft; second one in the works and due in 2011)
7. Take part in at least two vocal competitions – Done
8. Take part in at least two concerts – Done
9. Vacuum the floor every week – Done every week :-)


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October 16, 2010 at 11:06 pm

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Who is this Kwa Geok Choo?

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For one day now, I’ve been reading news about this Kwa Geok Choo who passed away yesterday. Does anyone know who she is to deserve to have her wake placed in Sri Temasek, in the official state residence? Ling Siew May, possibly the wife of the most respected Singaporean President ever, had her wake in the President’s home – when he was still in office. I certainly don’t remember Ling Siew May getting any kind of media coverage like what this Kwa Geok Choo lady did.

Who on earth is her husband by the way? He’s so shameless as to use the state’s premises to place the body of his wife – someone who’s not ever held any political office in Singapore – i in the Istana. Even Ong Teng Cheong showed more dignity in his obvious grief.

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October 3, 2010 at 2:44 pm

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