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Weekly Status Updates for New Year Resolutions

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Okay, I’ve been on a long hiatus…here goes…

Seven resolutions for 2010 – Updated to Eight

1. Hit the gymnasium for at least twice per week – Done every week :-)
2. Do at least one bout of long-distance running (2.4km++) at least once per week – NOT Done every week, due to various commitments :-(
3. Project Juliet – Done :-)
4. Watch at least five of my friends in performances. (Total count as of today in 2010: JM, Older C-ster, Alt)
5. Stay in my new job in Jurong – Still succeeding
6. Complete at least two screenplays (First one has undergone translation, still editing into first draft; second one in the works and due in 2011)
7. Take part in at least two vocal competitions – Done
8. Take part in at least two concerts – Done
9. Vacuum the floor every week – Done every week :-)


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October 16, 2010 at 11:06 pm

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