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On Jason Neo’s “Bus filled with young terrorist trainees” picture

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Recently, you may have read in the newspapers that Jason Neo from the Young PAP was made to apologise and resigned from the Young PAP for posting a photograph of Muslim children in a Huda Kindergarten school bus with the words “Bus filled with young terrorist trainees”.

A few points to note here:

1. Jason Neo was NOT insulting Islam. There is nothing in the photograph caption which equates Islam with terrorism.
2. Jason Neo was NOT calling the entire Muslim community in Singapore terrorists. There is, again, nothing in the photograph caption which equates the Muslim community with terrorism
3. Jason Neo’s remarks were indeed offensive, but offensive not to the Muslim community, not to Islam, but offensive to the children in the picture, as well as to the teaching staff of Huda Kindergarten.

What could we grasp from his caption and photograph?

Jason Neo COULD BE saying that:
1. Huda Kindergarten was trying to poison their children’s minds to become future terrorists i.e. it is a terrorist training ground.
2. The children are terrorist trainees.

Neither of these allegations can be proven or disproven, except by Huda Kindergarten and the children in the picture. Already, Jason Neo has apologised for his remark, so this entire saga can be considered to be over.

It would be best if everyone managed to be more rational about what they read, and not jump the gun and assume that Jason Neo was tarring the entire Muslim community.


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November 20, 2011 at 6:53 am

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