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How I Initially Became Scared (And Then Fearless) of the Supernatural

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When I was in primary school, my sister once borrowed a book home. It was entitled “Supernatural World”. Using the book, my sister would talk about how scary things like vampires, ghosts or dead people would suddenly appear at night. It was scary to hear about how those ghoulish white-skinned people, with sharp incisors, ugly skin and black cloaks would suddenly appear out of a cloud of bats. Or whether things in white sheets would suddenly appear from the darkness and spirit me away into other scary places.

However, all this was thankfully neutralised by my voracious appetite for reading, and watching cartoons.

When I was young, I used to be a huge fan of “The Three Investigators”. In this series, Jupiter Jones, Peter Cranshaw and Robert Andrews are three young boys who go out to solve crimes which have befuddled police. Some of the riddles they have solved include those involving supernatural stuff. These include whispering mummies, talking skulls, singing serpents and other mysterious riddles.

Watching television introduced me to Scooby Doo, a cartoon series which involved many villains using tricks to make up supernatural happenings to commit crimes.

It was clear to me from a very young age that the supernatural world simply did not exist.


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March 10, 2013 at 4:49 am

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