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Hypothetical typical questions and possible answers that may appear for opposition politicians in Singapore – 1

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Looking at the general elections in Singapore, I notice that some questions keep on appearing among the newspapers and the electorate who are skeptical of opposition politicians.
This is a series of questions and specimen answers which I can come up with.
Q. You first ran for elections in the west, then in the east, then in the north. Why do you run in so many different constituencies in so many areas during different elections?
A: The PAP has made it hard for opposition parties to walk the ground consistently in all general elections. Sometimes, an SMC may be carved out of a GRC, or it may be absorbed. As such, it is impossible for any one political to set any specific area in Singapore as its base.
I have run for elections in so many different constituencies over the past few elections simply because of the nature of how the PAP government has drawn up SMC and GRC boundaries. I am sure all political parties would love to set their roots in a particular area of Singapore instead of meeting with one another to discuss which area which party is to run for elections.
If you look at constituencies in other countries, the parliamentary constituencies may be larger, and because the electoral boundaries don’t change in every election, it is possible for political parties to set up their power base in one area and then spread out. However, this, by nature or by design, is not practical in Singapore because the electoral boundaries can shift in such a way that an able candidate living in a particular area is not able to represent the area he lives in simply because in this election, his constituency is part of a GRC simply because there is a more experienced “Anchor” MP in another area who outshines his far less able MP in the area he lives in.
This goes against the spirit of democracy and it is in the best interests of Singapore if and only if the brightest minds in the country get a chance to form a team together, regardless of political spectrum. If we have to form coalition governments, or we still remain as a government dominated by one or two parties, we would at least have a more normal democracy, as is understood in the rest of the world. No other country in the world has a system like the GRC, where you need, in extreme cases, six candidates to form a team.
Some parliamentary constituencies in these areas are even larger than Singapore, and so, I believe that when I run for political office in any constituency, it is just one small step in the larger scheme of things. The long-term goal is for me to run for elections in the whole country, so that my party will be able to form the government and come up with measures to better the lives of Singaporeans.
In whichever constituencies my party’s fellow candidates get into parliament, we not only pledge to do the best to meet the needs of the local constituents, but also push forward our national agenda to ensure that Singapore and Singaporeans, as a whole, become better off.

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March 13, 2016 at 8:19 am

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