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Amos Yee’s Latest Report – Another Lie?

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Recently, activists claim that Amos Yee was assaulted in prison.

Before sympathising too much with Amos Yee, it should also be noted that Amos Yee has blatantly lied before to elicit sympathy.

So why did I make it seem like they were invading my privacy? Solely to more effectively fuck with the singapore police (which yes I did lie to you fellow audience, but from the effect created you very much welcome it don’t you?🙂 ).The added element of ‘police is invading my privacy’ engenders much more hateful feelings to the singapore police, and more effectively embarrases them and the singapore government (That’s what I do; I am a sadist; fortunately the people I fuck with deserve it and you like to see me fuck with them don’t you? :D)


Let’s not also forget that he called his bailor Vincent Law a molester and has bragged many times about lying to the police. It is possible that this is another cheap tactic for him to try to fleece money out of his sympathisers who don’t know any better, especially since he doesn’t have a constant source of income. Potential donors/sympathisers, be warned.



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October 20, 2016 at 3:31 pm

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