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Amos Yee’s Outburst to Han Hui Hui

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Just a few days ago, Singaporean activist Han Hui Hui uploaded a video clip of someone talking, purportedly from Amos Yee. If true, it shows his current state of mind.


Hi, Hui Hui, I’m Amos from American jail. I’m very disappointed that there has not been enough publicity on my case right now, and because of that, you haven’t been able to effectively pressurise the judge to make my court date as soon as possible.

Right now, the judge is taking his own sweet time, making his written decision, and, because all of you did not pressurise him and chose to play it safe, he’s taking his own sweet time, and I have – because of that, I’m in jail for far longer. All of you need to pressurise him much more. You all need to make it as big as possible, do as many public protests [as possible], write as many reports [as possible]. I want to do any interviews that any reporters want.

You all need to pressurise him so that I can get out of jail earlier. The jail conditions are f****** horrible. You all should know it. You all have to make it as big as possible. Playing it safe is just not strategic. It is just not strategic. You guys are f****** up. You guys should f****** pressurise the judge and make it as big as possible.

Thank you.

Quick thoughts if this video is real:

  1. It is extremely likely that Melissa Chen, the Singaporean activist in America, has received a similar phone message like this. Is that why Melissa Chen has effectively washed her hands off him? (In her facebook page, she hasn’t posted anything about Amos Yee for a long time.)
  2. Does he really think that the judge in the USA is someone who can be swayed by public pressure from people living in Singapore? Even Americans have trouble influencing American judges – what more influence can Singaporeans halfway round the world have?
  3. He’s been saying how comfortable the US “jail” (it isn’t a jail – it’s a detention centre) is for him – so now, it appears that he’s changed his mind.
  4. It would be interesting to hear what the judge makes of this – if he really wants asylum, jail time like this should be “a minor inconvenience” (in his own words). Given that the judge’s verdict is coming this week, he would pronounce it. If the verdict turns out to be that Amos gets to stay in the USA, the Department of Homeland Security might appeal – given Amos Yee’s outburst to Han Hui Hui in this phone recording, they might have more proof that Amos Yee is not someone really desperate for asylum.

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